Saturday, December 14, 2013

Memahami arti label pada panel PDP LG




(2) Bar Code

(10) UL Approval Mark

(3) Manufacture No.

(11) UL Approval No.

(4) Adjusting Voltage DC, Va, Vs

(12) Model Name

(5) Adjusting Voltage (Set Up / -Vy / Vsc / Ve / Vzb)

(13) Max. Watt (Full White)

(6) Trade name of LG Electronics

(14) Max. Volts

(7) Manufactured date (Year & Month)

(15) Max. Amps

(8) Warning



DC VOLTAGE ADJUSTMENTS (ajust dg dc voltmeter)

1) SMPS PWB: Vs Va (Always do SMPS first)

2) Y-SUS PWB: Adjust -Vy, Vsc

3) Z-SUS PWB: Adjust Vzb


WAVEFORM ADJUSTMENTS (ajust dengan osiloskop)

1) Y-SUS PWB: Ramp Up, Ramp Down

contoh :



The Waveform adjustment is only necessary (ajust dg osiloskop hanya perlu jika)

  • When the Y-SUS PWB is replaced (…..ganti modul Y sus)
  • When a “Mal-Discharge” problem is encountered (……terjadi mal-discharge atau mis-discharge)
  • When an abnormal picture issues is encountered (…….gambar tidak normal)






bahan : training manual PDP LG




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